Teeth Whitening

Do you want a whiter, brighter smile? Tooth whitening can lighten stained or yellow teeth which have discoloured with time and can give you an extra sparkle and more youthful looking smile.

Enlighten Whitening

At the Village Dentists we use the Enlighten whitening system which works by using a combination of treatments, carbamide peroxide gel at home for two weeks using custom fitted trays followed by a hydrogen peroxide whitening gel in surgery. Enlighten is the only whitening system which can guaranteed shade B1.

Tooth Whitening Strips

These are mouldable plastic strips which are designed to follow the contour of the teeth, they contain the exact amount of whitening gel for one application. They are comfortable to wear with a refreshing minty flavour. Each pack contains 28 whitening strips (14 upper and 14 lower)

Tooth Whitening (tray only system)

Custom made tooth whitening trays will be made for you and your dentist will provide you with a carbamide peroxide bleaching gel which you will use at home with your trays for two weeks . The results from this system can be very effective.

Prophy Jet (Air Polishing)

Are you prone to stained teeth? But don't want the expense of tooth whitening? Why not try our new Prophy Jet air polishing system. Our Prophy Jet air polishing system uses air, water and calcium carbonate powder to remove superficial stains caused by red wine, tea, coffee and smoking, it also removes dental plaque and soft debris while polishing the surface of the tooth at the same time.

You can try our Prophy Jet procedure for £68.00 (this includes a scale and polish with our Dental hygienist followed by a Prophy Jet polish).

You don't have to be registered with us to have to see a dentist for an exam before, just call to arrange an appointment for a Prophy Jet procedure. For information contact us on 01670 715 133.


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